St Mawes

The other side of the River Fal but only 263 and 1/4 miles from London!

6 Responses to “St Mawes”

  1. Leanne Cole

    What a great petrol bowser, you don’t them like that very anymore. I see you use Silver Efex, do you like it? I have just downloaded a trial version, thought I might do a post on it today.

    • adrianpym

      Hi Leanne, i think Nik SEP is a very useful piece of software and i originally bought it because I could see the difference between my PS converted mono shots and some other bloggers shots.

      It gives you much greater control in a simple UI. Maybe the same can be achieved with PS but not without a great deal of effort and multiple layers.

      Hope you enjoy the free trial period, and look forward to your post.



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