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Winter Sun

Hatton Locks, Warwickshire

A deliberate into the sun shot to get a silhouette of the tree line and reflected sunlight on water


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River Avon

Near Warwick Castle


Bidford on Avon

Summer time on the Avon.

Bideford on Avon

Using lead in lines of the river, and tree line to take the viewer into the image – why not have a look at the new competition on The Digital Lightroom. The theme this time is lead in lines in composition.

Before the snow

We have had a covering of the white stuff for a few days now, so time for some colour.


Winter sun – Hay Wood

Sunday afternoon walk in Hay Wood, Warwickshire


To the memory of…….

St Michael’s graveyard, Baddesley Clinton


Red sky at night…

Using yesterdays image but with added warmth


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