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The Custard Factory

At the heart of Digbeth- the media and arts quarter of Birmingham

Digbeth – A Street Art Gallery

Following on from yesterday’s post I have posted a gallery of the fantastic street art to be found around Digbeth, the artistic and media quarter of Birmingham.  My normal black and white style has been dispensed with for this gallery because of the wonderfully rich colours of the street art.

For the forensically minded viewer you may notice the lack of a watermark on these images.  Normally I would mark all my images, however, its not appropriate as in these images I am capturing someone else’s creativity and hard work. If I knew the artists name they would get full credit.

My next post continues into the Heart of the creative quarter – The Custard Factory.


Underneath the arches…

….down Digbeth way.  A taster for forthcoming posts on Digbeth: the streets, arches, Custard Factory and street art.

Digbeth is undergoing a large redevelopment scheme that will regenerate the old industrial buildings into apartments, retail premises, offices and arts facilities. There is still however much industrial activity in the south of the area.  

The Custard Factory is an arts and media production centre in Birmingham.  Located on the redeveloped site of the Bird’s Custard factory in the industrial district of Digbeth, it is home to a community of businesses, primarily with an artistic and media slant, but also including entertainment venues and regional offices of national charitable organisations.


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