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Out of the park

Miami skyline from inside the Marlins baseball stadium, Florida April 2015.


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Stand Off

The Glass fronted Hyatt Hotel, and the strange shaped newcomer, The Cube


Birmingham skyline

Taken from Beacon Hill in the Lickey Hills south of Birmingham, England.

First in a series taken at the Lickey Hills on Sunday 12 May 2012

Liverpool – Radio City

The skyline of Liverpool – see how many objects point upwards in this shot – like a collection of stalagmites at different stages of development.

The dominant structure is the Radio City Tower described in Wikipedia as follows:-

Radio City Tower (also known as St. John’s Beacon) FTM Tower is a radio and observation tower in LiverpoolEngland, built in 1969 and opened by Queen Elizabeth II. It is 138 metres (452 ft) tall, and was built as a ventilation shaft for St. John’s Market, however was never used as such due to a new law passed on the year of completion. It is the second tallest free-standing structure in Liverpool and the 32nd tallest in the United Kingdom.[2]

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