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Update – currently 2nd in Photo Comp!

Thanks to all that have exercised their vote in the Rodposse photo competition – I am currently a very close second with only a few hours left to vote!

If you haven’t voted please do by following the link below.


I need your help!

After a nearly a full day of voting my entry in the Rodposse Photo Competition is lying 5th out of 26, which is very respectable BUT there is another day’s worth of voting so please follow the link below and use your vote (for me of course!).




Rodposse photo competition

See my entry here and follow the links to see other photobloggers entries.  Thanks to Lynne Ayres for posting about this competition.  You can all have a vote so use it!


Theme:  Street photography

The rules:
This competition is for 5 days. You have 3 days to sent me your picture. The last 2 days are ONLY for voting.
2) Each blogger can sent me ONLY 1 photo
3) When you choose your photo, send it to me either via e-mail at or via message on Rodposse Photography facebook page
WARNING: Do not forget to sent me the link of your blog (if you have one)

When I upload your photo I will sent you the link which corresponds to your picture.Spread the world this link to like your picture and become the winner of the 2nd Rodposse Photography Competition!!

Well, this is my favourite theme about photography because you never know what will appear in front of you and every moment you have to be ready to capture it..because if you are know that you just lost this moment and it will never come back!
So, get out there and see what you can find..weird people with stylish clothes..funny incidents
or what ever you like..!You know that this theme is something general and with a lot of fun!

P.S.: Maybe there will be a delay uploading your photo due to my job..please be patience I won’t let you down..It won’t be a huge delay..Maybe I will give you some extra time for voting in the end!


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