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Cotswolds and Keywords

Keywording!!  Aarrggghhh!!!

Meanwhile a tranquil view of the Cotswolds taken a couple of years ago and tweaked with Topaz Clarity.




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The only way is up…

Kingsbury Water Park, Warwickshire


Reed beds in the rain

Warrens Hall Nature Reserve at Bumble Hole – Netherton, Black Country


Black Country Canal Tour – Part 1

Plan was good but the weather was lousy.  Flat grey sky, drizzle and cold.  Did make the colour of the cut a strange shade of green.

Black Country canal network – Bumble Hole near Rowley Regis


North Norfolk Coast

An old old shot from 2003 – pre Nikon days, Fujifilm S602 (which I think used a Nikon sensor)


Yellow Tail

More wildlife from Hatton Locks – no idea what this is either!

(Ornithology is not my strong point)

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