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I started this photo blog on 1 January 2012, and six months down the line I have:

  1. received on average 49 views a day, (at the time of writing I need 140 more hits today to achieve a total of 9,000 for the six months)
  2. nearly 1,200 comments,
  3. made 175 posts containing over 370 individual images
  4. have over 170 followers
  5. made many new friends.
  6. received seven Blogging Awards, (thank you again to those who nominated me).
  7. started and contributed to a collective photo blog with many other Door Whores
  8. been inspired by so many photographs found on other blogs

And published two photography books!!

The above achievements are more than I imagined when starting on this journey.

A BIG thank you to all my followers, and occasional visitors.

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