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Your room is not quite ready yet!

Highway 41, Florida April 2015.


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Reliance Works

Pickering & Mayell Ltd, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.



Adrian Pym Photography Photo-Sales  Facebook  ⎟Instagram  Twitter

On the river

Yesterday’s “Guess the City” was Liverpool, and an image of the iconic Liver Building. So where is today’s building located? Described as “one of Britain’s most important cultural venues” this iconic building is located in a town and not a city, but which one?



Yesterday’s Guess the City was…… Edinburgh.  Change of Country for the next Guess the City.  Where is this?


Tin roof, rusted…..

… but not a Love Shack!

Grand Union canal, Warwickshire

Liverpool – The Cunard Building

Entrance to the Cunard Building at Pier Head; the third of Liverpool’s Graces.

Liverpool – New reflects old

The Museum of Liverpool at Pier Head near the Royal Liver Building.  The reflection in the windows shows the Edwardian Baroque style Port of Liverpool Building opposite.


Taken at a nearby business park

from Rediscovery and Reinterpretation

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