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I started this photo blog on 1 January 2012, and six months down the line I have:

  1. received on average 49 views a day, (at the time of writing I need 140 more hits today to achieve a total of 9,000 for the six months)
  2. nearly 1,200 comments,
  3. made 175 posts containing over 370 individual images
  4. have over 170 followers
  5. made many new friends.
  6. received seven Blogging Awards, (thank you again to those who nominated me).
  7. started and contributed to a collective photo blog with many other Door Whores
  8. been inspired by so many photographs found on other blogs

And published two photography books!!

The above achievements are more than I imagined when starting on this journey.

A BIG thank you to all my followers, and occasional visitors.

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to One Street Shy for nominating me for this award, which I gratefully accept.

I don’t follow rules – but I do appreciate others work by referring to their blogs.  So I would recommend taking a look at the following blogs


Tania Jessica Smith

Black & White Picture Gallery


Street Art

HOWEVER, I am also confused – is the above One Lovely Blog Award above the same award as the following ??

7 x 7 Award

Many thanks to Drake for nominating me for this award.

Here are the rules to the 7 x 7 Link Award:

1: Tell everyone something about yourself that nobody else knows.

2: Link to a post of your own, you think fits the following categories: The Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful PieceMost Popular PieceMost Controversial PieceMost Surprisingly Successful Piece, Most Underrated Piece, Most Pride-worthy Piece.

3: Pass this on to 7 fellow bloggers.

BUT, if you already follow my blog you will know that I don’t follow the rules.  On this occasion, as well as thanking the blogger who nominated me I would like to mention the regular contributors to The Legion of Door Whores.  These guys have made this small quirky, strange(?) blog really rock in the last few weeks.  Thanks Guys.

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to Robert for nominating me for this award

I am not sure of the rules of this award, but as I never follow the rules it’s not important. The only thing that matters with awards is acknowledging the nomination and nominating others who inspire.  I would therefore urge you to take a look at the following blogs, which inspire me and are worthy of recognition:

UK Landscape



Stephen G Hipperson

David A Lockwood

ABC Award

My second award!  Thank you Steven for nominating me.

The rules of the Awesome Blog Content Award:

1.  Thank the person who gave you the award (see above).

2.  Nominate others to receive the award for their own awesome blog content, and notify them of their nomination (see below).

3.  Use the ABCs to describe something about yourself or your philosophy in a word, a sentence or a short paragraph (See below – I will be back to fill in the gaps).

My Nominations:

I agree with Steven in that Rules are there to be broken, and in breaking the rules, I am going to follow his lead and simply list some blogs I follow.  It is then up to these individuals to accept the award or not and whether to follow the rules, bend them or ignore them.  I have nominated the following because their blogs are ones I visit again and again:-

My ABC’s

A – Apple product junkie

B – Black & White Photography

C – Camra (no not a typo, Campaign for Real Ale)

D – D200 , my camera

E – Efex Pro 2 – to buy or not?

F – Fun, otherwise why do it?

G – Guinness Draught.  Lunch in a glass.

H – Holiday’s, when I take most of my photo’s

I – Inspiration

J –

K –

L – Landscape

M – Mac

N – Nikon

O –

P – Panorama’s

Q –

R –

S – “Shootabout” – great description of a photo trip by Seth Arley

T –

U – Urban, as in cityscapes , street art and street photography

V –

W – Wife, mine, who lets me spend hours on photographing things

X –

Y –

Z –

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