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Autumn has arrived

Witley Court – September 2017




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Hanging onto Summer, just


Adrian Pym Photography Photo Sales  ⎟Instagram  Twitter

Orford shed

Autumn colours on a fish shed at Orford Quay, Suffolk, October 2010


Lead in lines to Shades of Autumn

The following image was taken exactly 12 months ago but is very on-topic for todays post.  The colours of autumn are just coming into view and the the composition uses the canal as a lead in line to the image.  “Lead in lines” was the theme of the last competition we ran over at The Digital Lightroom and “Shades of Autumn” is the current theme.

The competition is open until 14 December so plenty of time to get out and capture Autumn in an image.  Further details of how to enter the competition can be found at The Digital Lightroom.