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The Accidental Portrait

Visitor at the Cosford Airshow 2014 who walked straight through my line of sight.  I was going to delete the image, but the current Digital Lightroom competition theme is People, so used it as an excuse to promote the competition.  Post capture processing is via NIK Silver Efex Pro with a little selective colourisation for effect.

The closing date for entries is the 1st of September so you have the whole summer to come up with that special shot, planned or otherwise.



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Barbary Macaque II

Monkey Forest, Trentham, near Stoke on Trent




Adrian Pym Photography Photo-Sales  Facebook  ⎟Instagram  Twitter

Barbary Macaque

Monkey Forest, Trentham, near Stoke on Trent




Adrian Pym Photography Photo-Sales  Facebook  ⎟Instagram  Twitter

Close ups!

More from the studio with Crazy88s

Promo shots

I can see an album cover or two in these images, what do you think?

The Band, the studio, the photos

A great night in the studio with Crazy88s taking some promo shots. Much more fun photographing with a great soundtrack. If you get the chance go see them –

image image image

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

“Close your eyes…….SURPRISE!!”



Subway King

Almost forgot about this shot.  The guy was begging in a subway in Birmingham, saw my camera and wanted his photo taken.  Got him the price of a cup of tea for his friendly banter.  Does this count as “Street photography”?

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