The Legion of Door Whores

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23 Responses to “The Legion of Door Whores”

  1. Elisa

    I am honored to be included among such esteemed company and fine talent.

  2. m5son

    I always wanted to be president. Adrian you are hereby appointed vice president and Elisa it would be an honor to have you serve as secretary of state. Not just Georgia, but the state of being, such as it is. Adrian, as vice president it is a generally established that you will host the first cabinet meeting as well as provide full transporation. I would prefer a train with a sleeping car.

  3. adrianpym

    Now we are a quorum I propose we go forth, and seek out new members.

    I will report back on the transportation logistics! I can get you on a train from France to the UK but not sure about any train connections with the States! Unless you guys have dug a tunnel I don’t know about?

  4. m5son

    Add all the members you deem worthwhile. It is your duty as vice president, My job is to make sure you are doing yours 🙂

  5. lapuertaentornada

    Hey Adrian! Thanks for the invite to post to The Legion. Just one question, is there any rule I should be aware of? I’m wondering if I can publish pics of doors with people (or animals) or we should only show doors. Take the example of my gravatar if you are not sure of what I mean.
    Thanks for letting me know.

    • adrianpym

      There is only one rule – that is there are no rules! 😉
      As long as the subject of the photo is obviously a door (or doors) then its fine by me.


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