And the winner is..

An excellent image, worthy of first place.

The Digital Lightroom

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Digital Lightroom People competition as judged by you.

” ..there was some really interesting work entered into the competition.  It was a difficult choice and there were many not shortlisted that were extremely worthy entries. In any genre it is extremely difficult to surprise the viewer and there is within my choices those types of images that we have seen depicted in a similar way before.  However, importantly, the authors have in my opinion placed their individual style and approach either at the taking stage or by interpretation at post capture or, in some cases, both.  My congratulations go to all the participants.” David Penprase

Of all the excellent pictures shortlisted, the photograph receiving the greatest number of votes and therefore the winner of the competition is ‘Patience is a Virtue by Lignum Draco.

David Penprase said of this photograph “Terrific…

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