The Judging is Complete

Another great round and we had many strong images submitted, shame we can only pick 12.

The Digital Lightroom

Or at least we at the Digital Lightroom have done our bit and we have our shortlist.  It will now be down to you to choose the ultimate winner of the DLR ‘People’ competition.

We are very grateful to David Penprase for taking on the challenge of judging this round.  As ever, the standard has been exceptionally high in fact, it was so difficult to come up with a shortlist of 10 pictures, we are going to be posting 12 for you to choose from.  So, the first two of the twelve pictures are posted below.

I’ll be posting two pictures every day this week and on Saturday, I will post all 12 pictures and you will have the opportunity to vote.  The voting will be open for a week and we’ll announce the winner next Saturday. So, here are the first two pictures.  Enjoy.

50px Spacer

No 1 FramedUntitled-1

No 2 FramedUntitled-1

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