Taking People Pictures

The Digital Lightroom

Photographing people can be a daunting challenge.  People tend not to like having their pictures taken and it’s incumbent upon you as a photographer to show them in their best light. However, unless you’re taking candid ‘street’ type photographs, one has complete control.  Unlike a landscape photographer for example, reliant on the weather, when taking a portrait, you can set the scene so in this respect you have an easier task.  Regardless of whether you’re taking candid shots or formal photographs however, elements of composition and technique are still very important.

Engage with your subject

Probably the most important thing when taking pictures of people, unless you are taking candid pictures, is to engage with your subject.  I saw an interview with David Bailey where he spoke about this very subject.  He said that he talks to people more than takes their pictures.  Probably an hour’s talking to 10 minutes…

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