“Stop the Pigeon”

World War I Tri-plane at Cosford Airshow 2014



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12 Responses to ““Stop the Pigeon””

  1. Nelson

    I have seen many WW2 planes and personnaly flewn in a 1939 biplane, but I have never seen a real WW1 fly in front of me. It must be quite something

    • adrianpym

      It was, by contrast to the modern planes, as if the WW1 planes were just floating in the sky, hardly moving. And they all looked very fragile.

  2. gtonthenet

    I’m sure it was this, and one other, that flew over my house last week. I live in Worcestershire so it may have been on it’s way up to Cosford. A grand sight!

  3. Chillbrook

    A cultural reference that may have been missed by some but I guess you grew up with Wacky Races too. Can you believe the cartoon is now nearly 45 years old!! I was never quite sure why they wanted to stop the pigeon but there you go.. Nice shot! 🙂


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