Flashy Neighbours!

Baskerville House and The Library of Birmingham – extremes of architectural design.





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10 Responses to “Flashy Neighbours!”

  1. David Hall

    Love the contrast between the smooth, angular walls and windows and the decoration inter-connected circles.

  2. LensScaper

    What a great juxtaposition this is. And there’s something so clever about the fact that the two colours of the Library building that replaces the sky are yellow and blue.

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Andy, I liked the contrast between the new and old styles, and the colours of the New Library added to the composition. But I hadn’t thought about the blue and yellow being the replacement sky and sun. Thanks for spotting that.

  3. Scott Marshall

    good catch up there Adrian there is always humour in your posts – however I didn’t realise what a plane spotter you were – I managed 32 years in the RAF and you wont find any planes on my feed 🙂

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Scott. Can’t claim to be a plane spotter, only been to RAF Cosford Airshow once. Good reason to get the long lens out for a change though.


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