Dans Le Chateau

Been busy……decided to up the content on stock sites, and have now been accepted onto six different agencies. Have also been key-wording like mad in readiness to upload some more images.

This has involved trawling through my archive looking for images that might be accepted, and this one caught my eye.  Simple leading lines and great light. I have posted this in a mono version previously but decided to go with the colour this time around.



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8 Responses to “Dans Le Chateau”

  1. kelzbelzphotography

    Congrats on being accepted into 6 agencies. That’s just awesome. Beautiful photo to 🙂

  2. smackedpentax

    Great shot…love the lighting. Good luck with the Agencies!

    • adrianpym

      Thanks James. The agencies are a challenge, they all have slightly different criteria for accepting images, so acceptance at one does not guarantee acceptance at others.

  3. LensScaper

    Good luck – I’ll be interested to hear how you get on. I love the light in this and the angles particularly.

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Andy. I don’t expect immediate results with the agencies, but see it as a longer term investment, and a way to monetise at least some of my by catalogue.


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