The Polls are open..

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The Digital Lightroom

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The 7th Digital Lightroom Photography Competition is drawing to a close.  It’s now just down to you to vote for your favourite image. The task of choosing just one of the photographs shortlisted is, of course, not going to be easy but if we’re to find a winner, it has to be done.  The voting will close on Friday and we’ll be announcing our winner next Saturday, 27th March. Here are the images again with the voting slip at the bottom of the page.

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A Working Day

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A Worked DaySpacerAurora Star Trails

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Aurora Star TrailsSpacerBuffalo Morning

50px SpacerBuffalo MorningSpacer

Grassheads in Winter Light

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Grassheads in winter lightSpacerJust Call me Bubbles

50px SpacerJust Call Me Bubbles 5SpacerLightning at Sea

50px SpacerSONY DSCSpacerCasting Net

50px SpacerCasting NetSpacerOld Road

50px SpacerOld RoadSpacerDouble Rainbow Plus

50px SpacerDouble Rainbow PlusSpacerBagan Novice

50px SpacerO Bagan NoviceSpacer

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1290341182_topazlabs tall

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