The 7th DLR Photography Competition Finalists – Day One

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The closing date for the 7th DLR Photography competition has passed and the initial judging has been done.  It is now down to you to vote for the winner.  I will post two of the finalists each day this week and then open a poll on Saturday to enable you to vote for your favourite image.  We will announce the winner on the 29th of March.

It’s standard form to say that the quality of the entries has been high and it’s been a tough job to choose just 10 for the shortlist etc. etc. but it really has.  We’ve had a lot of entries where each and every photographer has thought about the theme and produced a photograph that displayed both technical skill and creativity.  We then had to narrow that down.  I firmly believe the photographs in the shortlist display those qualities but they also display that indefinable something extra that sets them.

I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures as much…

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