The 7th Digital Lightroom Photography competition – Capture the Light

The Digital Lightroom

This post marks the launch of the 7th Digital Lightroom Photography competition.  The theme of the competition this time around is Capture the Light so for this round we’re asking you to think about natural light and how we, as photographers, can use it to creative and dramatic effect.

There is no restriction on the subject of your photograph, as long as it clearly demonstrates the use of natural light to enhance your image.  Think about lighting direction and the creative use of shadows as well as light.

Keep it simple like the spiders web below, captured with early morning light reflecting on the beads of dew.


Another very effective technique is to use backlighting, shooting into the sun, to create bold silhouettes as in the fisherman photo below.  Flare is always going to be an issue when taking pictures into the sun but flare can be used creatively…

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