Just one day to go..

Cornwall Photographic

Autumn is now coming to a close and on the 21st December Winter will start or I guess Summer will start if you’re in the southern hemisphere.  Either way, to mark the occasion the Digital Lightroom has been running a ‘Shades of Autumn’ photography competition.  The prize for the winning photograph is Topaz Lab’s Complete Collection.  A superb prize worth $400.  I know you all must have lots of autumn pictures tucked away on your hard drives by now so why not send them in to The Digital Lightroom It really is a great prize, I use Topaz processing software all the time, and you never know…

DSC_154532mm f/16 1/25 sec. ISO-100

We look forward to seeing your entries.  Just follow the submission guidelines that you’ll find on the Digital Lightroom website. The Best of luck 🙂

Logo 1 tall

dfi-dmrc-enabled-btn-white3New Digital Lightroom Header sm75 pixel spacertopaz_labs_175 pixel spacer

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