Just in time for Christmas…..

Sold a copy of this on RedBubble today. Result.


8 Responses to “SOLD!”

  1. smackedpentax

    Congratulations! Hope you get paid – I never got paid for all my RB sales- which is why I left (sorry, didn’t mean to burst your bubble – it wasn’t intended)

    • adrianpym

      No problem James, its not enough to worry about in my case – still something is better than nothing. I had actually forgotten about RB and removed the link from my blog!

      • smackedpentax

        I sold a few but annoying that I didn’t get any money. Not much money is owed to me but still I should get it…anyway, not worth getting upset about it. But it is a nice feeling that someone somewhere likes your work enough to purchase it…


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