And the winner is…

The Digital Lightroom

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 5th Digital Lightroom competition on the theme of Lead In Lines.  As ever, the standard was high and it was difficult for the judges to come up with a shortlist of 10 pictures and I’m sure much harder for you to choose just one.  When the judging is done, the majority of the judges do not know the names of the photographers, only one member of the DLR team does.

The winner of the 5th Digital Lightroom competition is:

Al Mackies – Park Lookout

Park Lookout

Click on the picture to see more of Al’s work. Al wins the Topaz bundle of processing software.
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The shortlisted pictures in no particular order were..

Book Stall by Rob Howard

Bookstall50px SpacerIn a Ghost Town do Ghosts Go To Church by Melinda Green Harvey

In a ghost town do ghosts go to church

Solitude by Maralee Park Solitude

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Bridge by Lignum DracoThe Bridge50px SpacerTuscay by Sorin IfrimTuscany

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The Girl with…

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