Devon town – drab seventies architecture

Not going to name the town but the contrast between the very scenic Devon coast and countryside and this town centre was stark!  If the market hall has nothing that captures your interest why not have Tiger Noodles for lunch followed by something sweet from the Snack Cabin then pick up a local paper and a lottery ticket at the news kiosk before getting a body part pierced under the blue awning!  What more could you want from a 70’s style town centre?


11 Responses to “Devon town – drab seventies architecture”

    • adrianpym

      I thought the tones added a gaudy/trashy feel that portrayed my dislike of the place. I tried a mono conversion which ironically improved the feel of the place.

      • George Weaver

        Yes. Perhaps, the tones add a kind of brittle quality. I can see what you mean here. And, I think mono would lend an air of sophistication that you don’t intend. It’s interesting how even nuanced tones create moods in photographs.

  1. Melinda Green Harvey

    This looks like every example that was used to illustrate good design when I was in urban planning school in the early 1980s, and that is used now at planning conferences to illustrate ideas that didn’t work out.

    • adrianpym

      Interesting how styles change so completely. I won’t miss the “concrete slab” style of many 70’s buildings in Birmingham, thankfully most are being pulled down now to make way for something much more interesting.


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