Lead In Lines

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With the theme for the 5th DLR Photography Competition, we’re focusing very much on composition.  In my opinion, composition should be at the heart of every image we take but here we’re concentrating on just one, very effective aspect, lead in lines.  Composition is what makes the image work and the viewing experience pleasurable.

Lead in lines (or leading lines) are lines, or shapes, colours or even textures that are positioned (composed) in such a way that they lead the viewer’s eye into and around the image.

The image below is of the Echo Building in Liverpool.  The extreme use of lines in this image drags the viewer into the picture; the handrail drawing from bottom right to the middle of the image, complimented by the brick path and textured wall all following the same curves into the picture.  Then the eye is drawn up into the picture by the…

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2 Responses to “Lead In Lines”

    • adrianpym

      Thank you George. It was the first image in my archive that I thought of when the idea for the theme came about.


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