The 5th DLR Photography Competition – Lead in Lines

Another great theme and great prizes from Topaz. Go on have a go!

The Digital Lightroom

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We put our heads together here in the Digital Lightroom, thought long and hard and came up with a theme for the 5th DLR Photography Competition that will not only produce some fabulous entries we’re sure, but will focus your attention on a very effective compositional technique.

If the idea of lead in lines is all new to you, we will be publishing an article describing the technique in the coming days.

I’m always on the lookout for lead in lines in my photography.  The lines left by the mower when the hay was cut in the field next to my house this week giving me the perfect opportunity to make use of some lead in lines to show you as an example. These lines draw you into the picture and give greater depth to the image.  The line created by the surf on the beach, a hedge, fence or…

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