What is…….

… the photographers equivalent of writers block? And what is the cure?


23 Responses to “What is…….”

  1. PaulaB

    Same as with writing, just keep at it. Go out with just something simple maybe instead though, take away your options and just snap pictures without thinking any more about it then “I like that”.

  2. Nikki

    I call that a “broken shutter finger” (like trigger finger).
    When I have the desire to shoot but no where to go, I call it an “aching shutter finger” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. nigel borrington

    I think it come’s when you start to think its all about the camera or even the image’s it can produce. It’s not, its about what your into and what you see as interesting yourself. Not into anything = no images.

    I think that’s the key, you have to be into the things you capturing. Many times I have gone to things like shows just to get images and when I am there I don’t truly have the interest in the subject the show is about.

    For me personally I just get out and about and always have a camera with me, when you use your eye and get your head is into something then your off away creating images again.

      • nigel borrington

        Hello Adrian.

        I think that’s true, you can still get some good images that way, you can – but I feel that you will soon run of of this that work.

        I love doing photo projects these day, getting ” sense of place ” type work.

        I also feel that if you photo things your really into then it will show and pay off big time!

  4. andreashesse

    A lense-shutdown maybe? Well, I have tried two ways which helped a lot. One, I got out of my place. Without my camera. Just trying to spend some time and look at details. In the woods, in the city. Looked at people. Two hours into that walk I missed my camera dearly.
    The second one was when I didn’t know what kind of project I could try out. I looked at literature. I don’t know exactly which book, but it was a collection of famous ‘ancient’ photographers and some of their pictures. I noted some nice motives, or some hints of ideas and worked them out, combined them, thrashed most of them, but kept a few which I worked and still work on. Hope, there is a little help for you, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

    I get photographer’s block a lot these days as I have photographed & walked in the same 4-5 locations so many times. I feel as though I take photos of the same subject dozens of times from every angle.

    I browse other photographer’s blogs & websites when I can no longer ‘see’ anything much to photograph. As I don’t like photo editing, it’s really about finding a new subject (for me).

    Having said that, I really, really, really would like to visit a new location. I don’t feel inspired when a fellow blogger suggests photographing something in a new way or new angle. I’ve done the same old walk 10,000 times (literally, in the case of the nearby Gardens) and really need a new location. I mean to say, there’s only 101 ways to photograph a street at varying times of light or day.

    It’s hard when living in the city (especially when the public don’t like having their photo taken) and you’re forced to look at buildings or small details of everyday living. It’s also hard when you don’t like photo editing.

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Vicki – know what you mean about the same old location. I need to find somewhere new, not too far way, photogenic and interesting – shouldn’t be too difficult ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Melinda Green Harvey

    I find that shooting a while with my iPhone, and then working with various apps helps me get through a block. For some reason, when I use the phone/app combination, my photos are a lot more abstract and wilder than what I shoot with my “real” camera. Something in my creative brain gets reset, and it doesn’t usually take too long to get through the block.

    Sometimes, though, I think we just need to take a break, and not worry about a block or why we’re not shooting. There have been a few times with my blog where I’ve suspended it for a while. Once, I wasn’t sure if I’d even go back to it. I think the longest time I stopped posting was less than two weeks, and one day I could tell I was ready to get back to it.

    • adrianpym

      Thank you Melinda, I’m not rushing to post images but the iPhone is something I’m doing more of, posting to Instagram (@adrianpym).

  7. alessandro ciapanna

    I find it sometimes helps to pick a topic: manhole covers, red birds, striped skirts – anything. The more specific, the better. Then you have something to focus on/search for.

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Alessandro – I may concentrate on the Legion of Door Whores for a while – that is quite specific!

  8. Bashar A.

    I like what Nigel said above, you need to be interested in the subject.
    One thing that I do when I get a “block”, I’ll put a different lens on and tell myself that I’m only allowed to shoot with that one for the day. Those days are usually bad: I’ll keep a handful of images out of hundreds but I always feel like I’m back into the groove of things by the end ๐Ÿ™‚


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