The Urban Landscape

The Digital Lightroom

What is it?

Urban means “related to cities.” It may refer to:

  • Urban area, geographical area distinct from rural areas
  • Urban culture, the culture of towns and cities

So is an urban landscape is simply a landscape of a city? Or is it more than that?

With any form of photography the photo captures a moment in time, its a record of what was there at that specific point in time.  However, to make a photo interesting to the audience it must be more than just a record.

Cities contain many buildings, good and bad architecture; shapes; patterns; people and culture.  Urban landscape is therefore a wide subject that could encompass the elements of both the physical and cultural aspects of a city.

Some ideas and tips for Urban landscape, one of my favourite photographic subjects:-

  1. Don’t stay at street level, many cities have higher up vantage points, multi story car parks, public…

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