And the Winner is..

The Digital Lightroom

The third DLR photo competition prompted a huge response.  The standard was very high and it was difficult to come up with just 10 pictures for the shortlist but we did and it was then down to you.  As soon as the polls were open, votes started pouring in.  Hundreds of people chose to vote and we’re very grateful to you all.

First prize goes to Sorin Ifrim for his photograph Absence.

Absence by Sorin Ifrim

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Congratulations to Sorin.  He wins the Topaz bundle. You can see more of Sorin’s work here

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Second prize goes to Anna Lordi for her photograph Blazing

Blazing by Anna Lordi

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Anna wins a copy of Topaz Black and White Effects.  You can see more of Anna’s work here

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Third prize goes to Helen Boulton for her photograph Delicious Peas.

Delicious Peas by Helen Boulton

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Helen wins a copy of Topaz Simplify. You can see more of Helen’s work here

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Congratulations once…

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