Constructing a still life

The Digital Lightroom

Still life is the stylized photography of objects, often composed and lit in a way that is either evocative of certain scenes….or aims to convey the beauty and qualities of the materials from which the objects are made”  Nigel Hicks – The Photographers Guide to Light 2005.

The best still life shots in my mind are those that are simple in construction and composition, well lit and conveying more about the object than expected.  I have only dabbled with still life photography previously and my first attempts were a lesson in composition and lighting, but the hardest part is deciding what object to use as the subject matter.

The following example is very simple in construction.  I noticed the grapes in the fruitbowl and looking for something to do I set up a basic “studio” consisting of a white bedsheet and a table lamp (shade removed), and the…

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