The Shortlist – Day 3

The Digital Lightroom

All this week we will be posting the shortlisted picture in the Movement and Motion DLR photography competition.  We’ve decided to shortlist 10 pictures this time around.  On Saturday, the 10 pictures in the shortlist will be posted again with the opportunity for everyone to vote for the photograph they feel deserves the top prize.

We’ve had a couple of comments about posting links to the photographer’s blogs.  We want the The Digital Lightroom Photography Competition, as far as is possible, to be about the pictures, not the blog or the blogger.  The photographs not the personalities behind them.  For this reason we have held back posting links.  These will be published when the results of the competition are made public. In the meantime, we hope you just enjoy the images and when the time comes, vote for them objectively on their merits.

Steaming round the Bend by Helen Cherry

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