The Final Day for Entries

The Digital Lightroom

If the prizes and the recognition of your peers here on WordPress are not enough to encourage you to enter the Digital Lightroom Photography Competition, here’s one more incentive…

I asked that the winners of the last DLR competition guest post on the DLR website which they kindly did.  I mentioned this to our sponsors at Topaz Labs and was told they would like to see the winning guest post.  I forwarded Mike Fiveson’s guest post to Topaz and received a reply back to say that they would like to publish his pictures and bio on the Topaz Labs website which they did yesterday.

Mike’s pictures were also posted on the Topaz Labs Facebook page so there you have it, if you enter the DLR photo competition, you and your photographs could receive a huge amount of exposure beyond the Digital Lightroom.

You can see Mike’s post on the Topaz…

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