Movement and Motion

The theme is movement and motion…..

The Digital Lightroom

The theme for the next Digital Lightroom photo competition has been announced – Movement and Motion.

So how do you capture movement and motion in still photography?

1.  Find a subject that moves, is moving, or that strongly suggests movement

2.  Compose the image to highlight that movement – It’s important that your moving subject has space in the photograph to move into.

3.  Use motion blur creatively to show the movement – use panning technique to follow a speeding car, blurring the background, or slow the shutter speed to capture motion blur in the subject or maybe combine the two.

These techniques, if you haven’t tried them before, can be very rewarding but can also take a bit of planning and practice.  I spent a day at a local race meeting pointing my camera at the cars and experimenting with the various techniques and out of the numerous images I took, some…

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