Over the rail-tracks to Clowes Wood


9 Responses to “Footbridge”

  1. Adrian Lewis

    Excellent image, Adrian! There are shapes converging to a vanishing point of course, but what does it for me is that those shapes hold practically all of the picture’s colour, and in particular those wonderful rusty red-browns.

    And the snow on the bridge is undisturbed.

    And, if I look at it in a certain way, the snowy trees that we can see between the ends of the bridge’s metal uprights take the form of a swirling, tornado-like funnel, ie the whole mass of those snowy trees becomes abstract and alive – and quite something else from snowy trees.

    Good stuff – and all from something extremely simple >>> way to go!!! Adrian

  2. adrianpym

    Adrian, thanks very much. The colour of the metal / rust / graffiti is what drew me to this shot. I tried a couple of different compostions but favoured the off-centre. The snow looks undisturbed but it wasn’t, I think the over-exposure to get the colours of the metal mean the snow looks undisturbed – an unintended consequence – that works well.

    The simplest subjects and compositions often make the best images in my experience.


    • Adrian Lewis

      Definitely! Always remember – “less is more, simple is beautiful” >>> and also KISS = “Keep it simple, stupid!”.

      As witness that candlestick photo I posted recently. I don’t think its a particularly good photo – more a test of the D800 on full resolution – but its pared right down to bare essentials. I was looking at the shine shining through a pair of spectacles on a table today and I think that might be a good mono study too. A


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