Tracks in the snow

Stratford to Birmingham line near Earlswood Lakes station.  Taken from the bridge at Clowes Wood.

“The site of special scientific interest Clowes wood and New Fallings Coppice. The site was notified in 1973, and includes for 45.3 hectares (111.9 acres) of woodland, divided in part by the Birmingham to Stratford railway. The ancient woodlands are excellent examples of lowland mixed oakwoods, and support a large and important breeding bird population. Forty-nine species of woodland bird breed in Clowes Wood, including all three species of woodpecker and six species of tits, including Willow Tit. Also the Wood Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat and Grasshopper Warbler breed regularly along with five other species of warbler. Predators include for Eurasian Sparrowhawks, Common Kestrels and the Tawny Owl”.

7 Responses to “Tracks in the snow”

  1. simonhlilly

    Its changed a lot round the lakes since I used to cycle there from Shirley. So many new houses around there, hardly recognise the area now!


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