Get your entries sorted – a few tips on what we are looking for in your images.

The Digital Lightroom

This post is all about what the judges of this photo competition will be looking for in the photographs that you enter remember..

Send your entries, the theme is Spring, to and include ‘Photo Submission’ in the subject field.

1. First and foremost, do we like the picture.  If we do, and you can apply this to any of the photographs that you have liked recently, there’s a good chance it ticks most of the following boxes..

2. Point of Interest – Is the subject of the photograph clearly identifiable?  When we look at the photograph is the point of interest the first thing we see or are there lots of elements competing for our attention? In a good photograph, once the subject is identified and the first impression formed, we should then be encouraged to explore other areas of the image before returning to the point of…

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