Sunlit sea

Dorset near Chesil Beach


8 Responses to “Sunlit sea”

  1. Adrian Lewis

    Oh that’s superb, Adrian, very well done indeed! I think the three things that make it for me are first and foremost those few pale clouds top left – they give just hint of structure to the sky – take ’em out and it might look a little empty.

    And then second the very pale and diffuse rays of light above the sunlit sea.

    And then last the very small bits of upstanding detail on the left hand end of the clifftop – once again, take ’em out and that clifftop line might be a little too smooth and nondescript. To me, its almost as if those little upstanding bits of clifftop detail are people looking out at – beholding! – the unfolding scene.

    Good stuff! Adrian


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