Stormy Seafront

Hunstanton seafront 2003


8 Responses to “Stormy Seafront”

  1. Adrian Lewis

    This is a good picture, Adrian, but for me those black clouds are just a little too black. Take out the really pure black in the clouds, lighten it just a little, and I think you’ve got it.

    I suppose the rest of the image looks relatively “normal”, whereas such blackness in the clouds belongs in something altogether more surreal. I hope this is useful. Adrian

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Adrian – I always find your comments useful. I can see in this image a large black section of cloud in the centre of the picture which could be lightened a little. It was a dark menacing sky that I was after but on reflection the central section maybe too dark. I will have another look at this.


      • Adrian Lewis

        Hi Adrian! Glad to hear my comments are helpful. I’m wary of making such comments generally as I never know how people are going to react – and life is too short for generating bad feelings / arguements! – but I’m glad you and I have this positive working relationship.

        The black area that I’m talking about starts from just above the left hand end of the big white building and extends left across the central part of the image. It is I think pure black or not far off it – if you make it just a little bit paler – like the darker parts of the clouds above it for example – I think it will improve the whole image.

        As it is, this “bar of blackness” grabs my eye as I look at the picture, and draws my attention away from the other, very good parts of the image. Adrian


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