North Norfolk Coast

An old old shot from 2003 – pre Nikon days, Fujifilm S602 (which I think used a Nikon sensor)


4 Responses to “North Norfolk Coast”

  1. Chillbrook

    There is something very alluring about the east coast, the wide, open, ofen empty, desolate feeling to the beaches. So different to Cornwall in so many ways. Smashing picture!

  2. Adrian Lewis

    That’s a nice picture, Adrian, the sweep of the coast – and those clouds make it.

    So you’re a Nikon user too – I’m just about to enter poverty by getting a D800. I can’t believe it – showing my nerdiness – but I’m really looking forward to thoroughly reading the instruction book! Adrian

  3. adrianpym

    Jealous! I have a D200 which I bought second hand several years ago. It has been all I need and whilst upgrading to the full size sensor (D800 has a full sensor doesn’t it?) sounds good I don’t really need it.

    If my lottery numbers come up I will buy a D800, a Leica and some serious lenses!

    Enjoy the manual!


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