Red sky at night…

Using yesterdays image but with added warmth


5 Responses to “Red sky at night…”

  1. Adrian Lewis

    Good picture, Adrian, but again I think that highlight is just a bit too bright – the picture would be more atmospheric is that highlight were the colour of the yellower clouds on either side of it. As it is, it grabs the eye, and steals attention away from all of the other lovely moody detail in the shot. Hope this is useful. Adrian

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Adrian. On this occasion I disagree, I think the sun burning through is a focal point for the image and the effect it has on the adjacent parts of the image draw your eye out and around, especially via the silhouetted trees and orange sky. In fact I specifically composed the shot to get the sun burning through the trees. Of course that is how I see it on my monitor but am aware that other monitors show the image differently. (Maybe time to check my monitor calibration again).

      • Adrian Lewis

        I respect your views, Adrian, absolutely.

        On the other tack though – monitors – well how knows? I’ve seen my blog on other monitors and its looked different in each case. I suppose that I for one have naively belived that all bloggers see all things the same! Adrian


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