Infinity drive

Another shot involving a French Chateau


Infinity Drive

8 Responses to “Infinity drive”

  1. Adrian Lewis

    This is a nicely symmetrical shot, perfect in mono, and I particularly like that solitary black cloud (and the column of rather paler cloud below it) that is above the notch that the path or road makes in the encircling trees.

    It almost looks as if that cloud is (an atomic bomb?) exploding up from the path’s end and, for me, this brings a lot to the composition. You might even lighten the darker cloud near the right margin, so that the darker cloud over the path is the darkest cloud in the image. Adrian

  2. adrianpym

    Thanks Adrian, getting the sky “right” was difficult as the shot was taken from inside the chateau through a window and the original image had some reflection in the sky.

  3. Chillbrook

    A very merry Christmas to you and your family Adrian, and a very, very happy new year. I look forward to many more great photos in 2013! 🙂


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