Night Wheat 2

Found some more images from the same shoot as Night Wheat


9 Responses to “Night Wheat 2”

  1. John Smith

    Beautiful sense of depth here except for that cloud which really punches forward. Lovely clarity and light. Do you use hyper focal focussing Adrian?

  2. Adrian Lewis

    I like that a lot, Adrian! That cloud is right on the edge of being slightly too bright, but the path takes me into the shot and then curves left as a black line, to right under that cloud – good stuff! And I like the way the sky darkens off to top right – that keeps me looking at the same brightness that the path leads me to. Adrian

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Adrian. Your comments are always detailed and very helpful. I am trying to do the same on posts that I comment upon.

      I don’t always consciously think trough the composition of an image when I take it so your comments are really helpful.


      • Adrian Lewis

        Thanks, Adrian – glad to be helpful!

        But don’t worry about not thinking composition through when you take a shot – for many of my shots I don’t do that – at least not consciously, maybe unconsciously, I don’t know – its only later that I recognise the compositional elements.

        And do remember what I said about cropping and framing – play around with possibilities – think the unthinkable, and something really good might just hit you right in the eye! Adrian


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