Window box – updated

More from the Dordogne, specifically Sarlat



And  tighter crop as suggested by Adrian Lewis which works well I think.


10 Responses to “Window box – updated”

  1. Adrian Lewis

    Nice shot, Adrian, good subject matter and excellent shapes and textures – perfect for mono – and made hugely better by the woman’s presence.

    Cropping out the top – everything from just above the upper window – would enhance the composition I think; and you might darken the foreground (the area where your name appears) as I think this paleness detracts from the composition. I think this foreeground needs to be there, but rather darker in tone. I hope these points are useful. Adrian

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Adrian. I have tried a bottom window only but wasn’t happy with the results, so I might give your suggestion a go. Useful advice – thanks.

        • Adrian Lewis

          I think you’ve improved the shot – you’ve really brought out the subjects of the shot, which are the woman, and the repeating patterns of the two windows, one above the other.

          But I think that the very bottom of the shot is now too dark – its so different in tone from the rest of the shot that it catches my eye >>> distractions can be too light and also too dark! I think I would make it just a bit darker than it is in the top image, so that it blends more with the tones of the stones in the wall directly above it >>> or you might even think of cropping this bottom area out of the shot altogether! Hope this is useful. Adrian


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