WordPress Statistics

Today at 9:00am I posted a new photo.

That photo has 33 likes at 1:30pm.

So can you guess how many views I have had today?….


…go it?

Okay the answer is 5 !!


Can anyone explain this?  I can but I’d like others views first…

34 Responses to “WordPress Statistics”

  1. The Temenos Journal

    Because people “like” it from the ‘reader’ but don’t actually visit your site. Least that’s my guess….I was wondering about that myself this week…and that’s my deduction.

    • adrianpym

      That is my guess as well. It’s a fault in my view as it gives a false impression – to “like” a photo you must have viewed it and the same applies to all non photo posts.

      • The Temenos Journal

        I agree, but you know there are also how many people viewing our posts via the reader and not “liking”…probably alot more than the viewers who come and go without a peep. So “like”-ing is maybe a better gauge then viewer stats anyways.

        • adrianpym

          You have a point. At least a like is a positive comment on your post whereas a view is neither positive nor negative. Unfortunately the advertising industry and web companies gauge success by the level of views.


    • adrianpym

      Congratulations Mike you are through to the Grand Prize Draw for the chance to be entered into the annual Final Grand Prize Winners Grand Prize drawer for the chance to be entered………………Readers Digest Final Grand Prize Winners Grand Final Prize Winning final Grand Prize Drawer.

      Sorry what was the question again?

      • Mike

        You are what I used to refer to as a pisser. Now with great pleasure I once again can use that phrase. You are familiar with that phrase Adrian?

        • adrianpym

          Not heard that phrase Mike, perhaps it hasn’t made it to this side of the pond.

          Same meaning as “Taking the Michael” or “taking the piss” probably linked to your “Pisser” phrase?

  2. Ana Ela

    Positively speaking, at least when it is a photo post, most people are actually liking your photo (they are stunning, by the way) – as they can see it in its entirety on their reader without clicking through. When it is a word/type post that changes a bit – means it is more probably a ‘random like’, which I have noticed people do. I know if I see one of your photographs – posted without type – I will ‘like’ it from the reader. At least some people are interested genuinely in your work – I know it is slow for blog readership for me right now too – slower than it is for you! 😉

    • adrianpym

      Thank you Ana. You are absolutely right that its possible to like photo posts without opening the post. I had noticed this a few weeks ago and I am also guilty of liking photos without opening the post.

      I decided to comment today because of the obvious and significant difference between likes and views. I have noticed some days are much slower then others as well for no apparent reason.

  3. Scott Marshall

    I agree with the above comment – I only leave the reader if I am going to comment Adrian – may be worth manually flushing your cache which can affect how well the reader works .

    • adrianpym

      I don’t normally Henry but this morning I thought surely I’m not the only blogger to notice this, and the feedback on this post is great.
      And I am grateful for each and every like.

      Thanks Henry

  4. poppytump

    I know zactly what you mean Adrian 😉 and agree .
    I get the impression having read about it on others’ blogs that some people say that they do not have time to go look at all blogs, and so click like to show that they do ‘like’ it, but I’m of the opinion that I would rather someone popped onto my blog -looked- and decided that they didn’t like than be what I think is superficial. All the photos are much better seen at their best full screen .
    As I suppose we all know really, some are more interested in getting THEIR likes back . I don’t want to sound negative as I’ve had my grumble about peoples behaviour before in one of my posts lol … so I won’t say anymore 😉
    So If I *like* you … you have brownies promise I have had a proper visit !!

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Poppy, for commenting and for your Brownies Promise. I agree photos look much better in the post (and even better in full screen view) and I appreciate the views and the likes I get but the comments are what make blogging so rewarding. Its takes time to comment and for that reason I try to comment on posts that really impress me, and to respond to ALL comments I receive. But I’m not consistent in that approach, and often get lazy and just hit the like button.

      Will try harder – Scouts promise!

      • poppytump

        Awww Adrian if I like a post it does just mean I have actually visited the blog , I too don’t always have time to comment as it does require a little more consideration, but I still feel it’s a genuine ‘like’ from me. I try and respond to comments too as it is rewarding to get feedback and -yes- I’ll say it a feeling of… ooh .. ok I’m getting it right … I can totally understand when you have lots of followers and blogs to follow it must get a bit unmanageable at times !!
        Pssst … I think the thing that narks me is when I’ve JUST posted and barely drawn breath and up pops a ‘like’ :-/
        I ‘ve always ‘liked’ Scouts promises lolololol
        Have a good weekend !

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Michael – I haven’t visited your blog in a while so will try to catch up over the weekend – so your comment is spot on!

      • The Blissful Adventurer

        yeah, I now post only once or twice a week as I am busying myself with the book and some other irons in the fire. I think now when I do post it is some of my best work. However, if I am not on WP everyday it is not seen as often as before. Always Catch 22s.. 🙂

  5. Bashar A.

    I think the above comments are all valid…. To be honest Adrian, that was a big reason that I decided to leave and host my own… for me its about displaying my work and not like my picture so I can like yours back… I felt wordpress.com got to be too much like that!!!
    Now that I don’t have the like button I feel like I got a better “reader base”… at least a real base… and I use the comments to gauge how good an image was!
    I don’t use the reader because I want the owner to know that he/she got traction 🙂

    • adrianpym

      I still like the comfort of using WordPress hosting as a relatively new blogger but I agree 100% with you that the comments are key. Its what we all crave in terms of feedback on our work. The views and likes are secondary, but visible, so its difficult to ignore them sometimes.

  6. Sallyann

    I saw you on the reader, was intrigued enough to click onto your post to look further, read all the comments, smiled … and clicked like. 🙂

  7. alessandro ciapanna

    I don’t have the answer, but i can say it would be a lot worse to get a bunch of views and no likes at all… 😉

    Those wordpress stats smell real fishy to me, as well. Wonder what’s up?

    • adrianpym

      I agree more likes than views is much more preferable.

      Are you familiar with the phrases “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics” or my favourite “74.2% of all statistics are made up” 😉

  8. patriciaddrury

    Adrian, I found you originally on the reader and when I see another of your photos I go to your blog and I can like all my favorites! The intensity of your black and whites is what attracted me to begin with. My numbers have fallen drastically and for the same reason. I am doing this blog for me, but it feels good to get a comment from time to time as well. I love your photographs and see you use the efex software… I may have to invest in it myself one of these days! Do you love it?

    • adrianpym

      Hi Patricia, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      If you are planning to do black & white I think Nik SEP is a must. I first found it by asking another blogger after seeing the stunning mono shots she was posting.

      Nik are good enough to allow 15 day trials of their FULL product, and not a limited function version like many others do. After just a day I decided to purchase, so perhaps they give you 15 days to save up to buy the software!?

      Let me know how you get on.

  9. patriciaddrury

    Went to WordPress info page and found this:
    The two main units of traffic measurement are views and unique visitors. A view is counted when a visitor loads or reloads a page. A visitor is counted when we see a user or browser for the first time in a given period (day, week, month).

    You may notice that weekly unique visitors is less than the sum of daily visitors for the same week. This occurs when the same visitor appears multiple times during the week.

    You may also notice that your visitor count lags behind your views count. This is due to the way we are currently crunching the numbers. Typically a view is reported within five minutes, while it can take up to two hours to report new visitors.
    No wonder!!!


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