The Bay

Falmouth 01.11.2012

9 Responses to “The Bay”

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] That black and white photo of yours really stands out!

    Excellent work!

  2. Adrian Lewis

    That’s nice, Adrian: the highlights of the cloud are not blown – not that that’s a golden rule, but blown highlights would spoil this tranquil image – and the cloud and the dark shore form a ‘v’ shape which is filled by the reflection of the cloud in the sea – very nice shot! Adrian

    • adrianpym

      Thanks very much Adrian. Its always good to hear why people like your images, and perhaps I should be more descriptive with my comments on others images.

      • Adrian Lewis

        Oh definitely I think you should! It makes for more “work” of course and getting through mounds of emails takes longer, but it has too distinct benefits.

        First, the photographer gets your input, which may / may not be useful – I try to keep my comments constructive >>> and anyway life’s simply too short for instigating antagonism! But, also, we’re all individuals with different tastes and what you like others may detest!

        But second, and maybe less generally realised >>> writing your views on an image helps to get straight in your head exactly why you like / dislike it, ie it makes your views more coherent, and this is a valuable thing >>> you can look at an image and at once articulate your thoughts on it. I’ve found that blogging – and hence seeing and talking about masses of photos – has considerably sharpened me in this respect, and I’m very grateful for that. A


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