Heart of England Way

View from Rowington towards Mousley End (approximate) on the Heart of England Way, 18.11.2012

12 Responses to “Heart of England Way”

  1. Bashar A.

    Hey Adrian, are you aware that your theme doesn’t have a next or previous button/link? I found it difficult to navigate without them… had to go back to my email to know where to start.
    I thought I’d point it out in case you are considering re-adding it 🙂

      • Bashar A.

        I’m working on my new website and shortly after leaving that comment I decided to check the theme I’m working on… to no surprise: I have the same issue… go figure 🙂
        I think it’ll require some code modification but not 100% sure…

  2. Leanne Cole

    For me, this is such a typical view of England, or rather the view I imagine, great image. I love the lushness that seems to be apparent in the English countryside. Our countryside is in the process of turning brown.

    • adrianpym

      We are or were almost underwater the amount of rain we had last week. It’ll be snow next! One thing we do have is a lot of weather.

  3. traceykphotography

    I love the way the fields are broken up by the fences and hedgerows. I’ve been reading about the Midlands in guidebooks in preparation for a trip to the U.K.., and am so looking forward to seeing places like this in person!

    • adrianpym

      Tracey its a great part of the world with lots to see. I hope you enjoy your trip and I look forward to seeing some of your photos of the Midlands.


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