Hay Wood view

The view towards Hay Wood from Baddesley Clinton, 18.11.2012.

My 15 day trial of NIK Color Efex Pro 4 is nearly over so there will be no more colour experimentation, UNLESS, Father Christmas brings me a copy next month!

6 Responses to “Hay Wood view”

  1. Mark Simms

    So what did you think of the Nik software – any good? Also I notice you use Redbubble and Photo4me as your print gallery hosting websites – any good? I was thinking of setting up a gallery with Photobox.

    • adrianpym


      The NIK software is excellant, can’t fault it. You can download a free 15 day trial version which unlike some software is fully functional, and in my view 15 days is enough to get you hooked.

      I like RedBubble better than Photo4Me for ease of use and the layout is better. I have used Photobox in the past but not for a long time, maybe I should look again at their gallery hosting. The print quality at Photobox and delivery times were always good. Haven’t had anything printed using Redbubble or Photo4Me as yet so can’t compare.

      I live in hope with both Redbubble and Photo4Me that I might actually sell something one day!!



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