The Biomes

The Eden Project


11 Responses to “The Biomes”

    • adrianpym

      Giant man eating plants and little green men? Didn’t see them, but haven’t seen the wife since we visited, come to think of it!

      • Mike

        You lie! Like you wouldn’t know if your wife was missing for even 5 minutes. My wife went missing for 8 hours last night but then I woke up and she was right next to me.

        • adrianpym

          I always know where she is from the credit card bill!! When it got stolen last year I didn’t report it as the theif was spending less than the wife!!!

          • Mike

            HA! Maybe you should quit your day job, and take it on the road. Take your whole family with you….you can be billed as Adrian and the Pyms.

  1. Leanne Cole

    They are so cool, I didn’t know they really existed, silly of course, but your image gives them an off planet feel, like watching an old sci fi movie in black and white.


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