What is it about black & white photography? A view from Philipp. What do others think?


Quite fascinatingly, when people look at my photos, they often seem to be more drawn to the ones that are black and white. Which made me wonder: “Why is that?”

Is it nostalgia? Memories of the good old times? Which by the way were not that good. Back when photos were black and white, the US went through the civil war and the rest of the world soon after experienced the horrors of World Ware I and II. So much about the good old times.

Is it cool, because it’s different? Maybe. But actually I think, we are drawn to it, because they are so much easier to read. There is only shape, light, shadow and contrast our brain needs to digest in order to make up a story. No distracting colors trying to tell their story, often resulting in a chaotic mixed message.

And yet, having only so few…

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  1. Doug Fairburn NFP

    I believe that photo’s are emotional links to our thoughts. We dream and think in colour, and when we bring the B&W image into our thoughts, we go through the emotions, good bad or indifferent. Our thought process adds the colours we need to complete the emotions process. When we hinder the emotional process by adding colour, not always the colour the viewer would use, we often get a different response. Colour is very subjective, and when we put it in, we tell a story, but if we leave it out, we conjure a memory, a want or a need. Emotions, our driving force, it’s all about how the light will stir our emotions.


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